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A major convenience with Exchange 2010 hosting is that Outlook Web Access 2010, its new Webmail interface, is compatible with web browsers such as Firefox, IE or Safari 3. Now users can access their Exchange account directly from many more versions of Web browsers with rich Outlook like functionality when at home or on the move using numerous devices. Exchange 2010 Online also includes a novel conversation view that tremendously lessens mailbox cluttering.

If you have ever accidentally replied to an email with the “Reply All” and realized too late that you did not intend to send the message to everyone on the list, then you could have been saved by Mail Tips. MailTips are informative messages in Exchange 2010 that appear before a message goes out, if Exchange analysis results determine that the messages could have unintended consequences. This gives an opportunity to the user to revise the list of recipients.

The administration of Exchange 2010 hosting has become much more flexible by role based definition of users. This allows many administrative rights to be granted at a more granular level based on the role or user. Other features available to the administrators and other special users include message tracking, multi mailbox search, online movement of mailboxes, and page patching.

Exchange 2010 archiving is a new feature offered by Exchange 2010 hosting. Exchange 2010 archive feature supports the separation of a user’s primary mailbox and their archive mailbox. Emails can be dragged into the Exchange 2010 archive mailbox easily. Retention policies can be set for email and folders in the archive mailbox. The Exchange 2010 archive mailbox is available in Outlook Web App as well as Outlook, if Exchange 2010 archiving option is activated within the hosting account.

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