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When a prospective client receives a business email from a generic email address, the impression that is created about your company is not favorable.  He may think that yours is a fly-by-night operation or a side business, or it is a new business with a short history of operation.  Then there are practical reasons for having a unique email address that comes with paid e-mail services.  It is easier to remember and find among the multitude of emails in the inbox. Your email on your domain name conveys your company’s brand, and receivers often check out your website.  Generic email addresses may also get filtered out by spam filters and end up in junk folders.  Think of how much business you may have lost by using a free email address! It is time to change that.

The biggest downfall of using free email services is the loss of privacy and security. With free email services, the control of your profile data and email privacy and security is not in our hands.  Free email hosting providers typically collect data on your email activities and may be sharing the data with advertisers or tailoring ads and spam emails targeting your company’s email users. Have you ever noticed the distracting ads that appear in your free email hosting account?  Think of the time your employees may be wasting by these distractions! And time is money.

Free email services do offer anti-spam, anti-virus features; however, these are not as sophisticated as those included in Apps4Rent’s paid email hosting.  There is also a conflict of interest because free email providers themselves may be working with email marketing companies to direct their client’s emails to your mailbox.

The biggest downfall of any free service is the rudimentary customer support service. In paid services like those offered by Apps4Rent, you have 24/7 customer support by phone, email, and chat.  You don’t have to waste time hunting over message boards or website documentation to get answers to questions about any feature.  Just ask us and save your valuable time. You will recover the price you pay for email hosting many times over!

MobileSyncMail is a cost-effective email solution provided by Apps4Rent at a value price. It offers you Exchange-like functionality at a low price of $1.95 per mailbox, saving you 60-80 percent compared to Hosted Exchange.  Advanced built-in anti-spam and anti-virus, hosted email backup, synchronization capabilities, mobile access, user-friendly interface, large attachment capability, 24/7 customer support via email, chat and phone makes MobileSyncMail any time the best option for free email services.  It offers the best service at the best competitive price with no compromise on security and privacy.