Why some may prefer a Microsoft Exchange Alternative

Although companies could benefit by giving every user an Exchange account, they hesitate because of the costs that can add up quickly. Now there is an inexpensive Microsoft Exchange alternative from Apps4Rent called MobileSyncMail – a cost-effective email solution featuring the most desired Exchange-like functionality that can be used to bring your complete workforce together. With this Exchange server alternative, you get 5 GB mailboxes, free Exchange ActiveSync technology for synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, and email between ActiveSync-enabled servers and devices, POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols, Outlook-like webmail, and Web-based control panel—all at a competitive price of $1.95/mailbox.

Why use Apps4Rent’s Hosted Exchange Alternative?

Apps4Rent offers MobileSyncMail as one of the alternatives to Microsoft Exchange starting at a reasonable price of $1.95/mailbox. This alternative to Exchange server includes numerous high-end features for mobility, collaboration, automation, and integration with Microsoft business software.

Features of MobileSyncMail—An Alternative to Exchange Server

  • Collaboration—Apps4Rent’s hosted exchange alternative allows to share your contacts, daily calendar, your notes and tasks. You can schedule meetings and check your coworker’s availability too
  • Free Exchange ActiveSync—MobileSyncMail is one of the most desired exchange server alternatives in the market as it includes free Exchange ActiveSync technology which allows users on the domain to share calendars, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
  • 5 GB Storage Space—In MobileSyncMail, each of the hosted mailbox is allotted storage space of 5GB on the mail server
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access—Apps4Rent offers one of the best and low cost alternatives to Microsoft Exchange that allows you to access your emails, contacts, calendars from anywhere at any time from a browser such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome
  • User-Friendly Interface—MobileSyncMail allows users to view messages in a user-friendly interface. It allows users to turn the solution into their personal cloud, thus allowing them to send folders, files of any size to others. Users can share large files and delete attachments
  • Universal Inbox—MobileSyncMail offers you an inbox which is fully loaded with voicemails, emails, protected messages, RSS feeds, calendar requests and more
  • Large Attachment Capability—Apps4rent’s MobileSyncMail, unlike other Exchange Server alternatives, allows attachment of 50 MB, which is far more than what other business email hosting providers offer
  • Hosted Email Backup—MobileSyncMail is one of the reliable alternatives to Microsoft Exchange that keeps your data safe by daily backups of your emails. So, even if you lose your mail, we guarantee you the recovery of your email
  • Synchronization or Mobile Access—More and more number of people access mails on mobile or wireless devices these days. Hence, Apps4rent’s Hosted Exchange Alternative, with the help of Exchange ActiveSync technology licensed by Microsoft, allows users to access their emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes easily. It enables over-the-air synchronization with many state-of-the-art devices such as smart phones – iPhone, Android and Windows based phones, tablets such as iPad, and other mobile devices, thus allowing users to be updated with contacts, emails and calendar in their mailbox. It is quite interesting to note that many major technology companies Google, Apple, and Nokia among others make products compatible to Exchange ActiveSync

Apps4Rent’s Exchange Server Alternative Product has more to offer!

  • Anti-Spam—MobileSyncMail includes advanced anti-spam screeners that reject suspected emails. The anti-spam server feature provides personalized levels of safety and flexible configurations by means of a range of techniques, such as SPF, greylisting, SPF, Bayesian filtering, RBL, reverse DNS, RBL, and more
  • Anti-Virus—We offer a built-in virus checker with our hosted Exchange alternative which ensures virus-free incoming and outgoing mails
  • Easy Migration—MobileSyncMail involves a built-in tool that allows users to consolidate other mail accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail into one webmail interface for seamless and hassle-free management of emails
  • Web-based Control Panel—Users and mail administrators can manage their account via a web-based control panel
  • Desktop Mail Clients Support—MobileSyncMail supports desktop clients such as Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, Apple Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail and Thunderbird.
  • Support Mail Protocols—Our Hosted Exchange alternative supports mail protocols such as POP3 which allows you to download/fetch mails via mail clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Entourage, IMAP, and SMTP
  • Support SyncML and WebDAV—MobileSyncMail supports open source synchronization technologies like SyncML (which is not the case with Exchange Mail) and WebDAV
  • Webmail Software—MobileSyncMail uses SmarterMail software, a cost-effective alternative to Exchange server for email access, which includes webmail, full collaboration features, antivirus, a free email server software edition, and more.